What is Dyslexia – Knowing A Lot More About It

Knowing A Lot More About Dyslexia

Each and every child learns & develops at his/her own pace but there are a few children who find reading to be a challenge at one point or the other. It is important to know that reading is not anything special or different from other kinds of skills. So, if learning to read continues to be an ongoing struggle leaving a child to fall behind his/her peers, then it might be that he/she is having a learning disorder called dyslexia.

What Do You Mean By Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a learning disorder. It is associated with difficulty learning to read. It has an impact on a child’s ability to identify & manipulate the sounds in any language. Children having dyslexia have a tough time in decoding new terms or breaking them in manageable chunks they may then sound out. This basically causes trouble with reading, writing as well as spelling. They generally compensate by memorising the words but they have difficulty identifying the new phrases and are slow in retrieving even the words that sound familiar.

However, dyslexia is not a reflection of the intelligence level of a child. It is a gap that exists between a child’s ability & achievement. The students with Dyslexia Assessment may learn reading and thrive academically with help & Orton Gillingham approaches provided in listening and learning┬ácentres┬ábut may not grow out of. Continue reading “What is Dyslexia – Knowing A Lot More About It”